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Category: Subtitling

SubSimple Program: SRT FCPXML

SubSimple is a program designed to convert subtitle lists to and from editing applications. It is designed to provide an easy way to convert the universal open-source SRT subtitle format to FCPXML 1.5.

Subtitles for DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve can manage a full subtitling workflow by using FCPXML to import/export text lists and the versatile text tool for writing and spotting

Avid Media Composer – Coming soon

Final Cut Pro X – Coming soon

Final Cut Pro 7 – Coming soon

Premiere Pro – Coming soon

Timecode vs Timestamp

Subtitles are timed to appear on screen at specific times.
Depending on the video format and the subtitle display method, the timing can be encoded in either Timecode or Timestamp.

SCC – Sonic Scenarist File Format

The SCC file format is the standard for closed-captioning in North American broadcast television.
The file contains positioning, style, color and timing information encoded using hexadecimal values.

XML – FCP7 xml

XML file used to import and export editing information from the original Final Cut Pro editing application is generally referred to FCP7 XML.

TXT – Avid DS

The AVID DS format is a basic text (.txt) document that contains timecode and subtitle content, as well as basic header information. The advantage of this format is that it is easily shareable and editable by anyone with a text editor. This is useful for translation and content editing. However, the AVID DS file does … read more