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SubSimple User Guide

SubSimple is a program designed to convert subtitle lists to and from editing applications. It is designed to provide an easy way to convert the universal open-source SRT subtitle format to FCPXML 1.5.

It can also convert FCPXML back to SRT so that you can share your subtitle lists with clients, convert to other formats, translate to other languages or submit to YouTube and other channels as a captioning format.


FCPX can be used to import, create, modify and export subtitles.

    • SubSimple provides FCPXML 1.5 conversion compatible with FCPX.
    • SubSimple can add one blank line to single line subtitles to ensure bottom-anchor (that subtitles appear on the bottom line, and the second line of the subtitle appears on top and not below single line subtiles.)
    • With Final Cut Pro X you can easily modify the look, size and positioning of multiple titles simultaneously according to industry standards.
    • Modifying subtitle content directly in FCPX has the added advantage of being able to search through the text content of the subtitle list.
    • Once timing and content modifications are complete, you can export a FCPXML 1.5 or 1.6 for conversion to SRT.

SRT – SubRip File Format

The advantages of the SRT subtitle format as an interchange format are numerous.

  • Open source format, universal, easily decodable using HTML tags
  • Text content be directly viewed and edited using a text editor like TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad/Wordpad (Windows)
  • Timestamp provides compatibility will all timecodes.
  • Provides bold and italics formatting information

FCPXML 1.5+ format

Used to import editing information in and out of Final Cut Pro X. It is the only format that can successfully import and export title lists from DaVinci Resolve.

Delete N frames function
In SubSimple, there is a function to automatically delete 0,1,2,3 or 4 frames at the end of every subtitle. This function is especially useful for closed-captioning files that are being converted to subtitles. Typically, closed-captioning will mostly have IN points for the text timing. Every title follows the next one without any spaces. For subtitling, the timing convention is to have 2 to 4 blank frames between subtitles to inform the viewer that the subtitle has changed.

Change font feature 
The “change font” feature is useful to keep Italics and Bold formatting information from the SRT into FCPX and DaVinci Resolve.

In both FCPX and DaVinci Resolve, changing the font in the editing software will override the italics and bold information by replacing the italics font style with a regular font style.

Changing the font directly in the FCPXML before import allow the editing software to interpret the italics and bold tags correctly, and allows the user to choose their own font.

SubSimple will create subtitles in Arial font by default because it is included by default in the Mac and Windows operating systems and is compatible with most languages.



“Error” Page
If you get an “Error” page, try to simplify your fcpxml as much as possible. Duplicate your timeline, re-name it “subtitle export”, delete everything except subtitle information, and re-export a fcpxml for conversion to SubSimple.

TextUp and other subtitling plugin
SubSimple works best for converting FCPX and Resolve’s subtitles created from the TEXT tool. If you’re using plugins like TextUp, you might get some timing or content bugs.


Feel free to ask any questions regarding the SubSimple Program.

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