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The XML file used to import and export editing information from the original Final Cut Pro editing application is generally referred to FCP7 XML.

Final Cut Pro 7.0.3 was that last version of Final Cut classic available before the upgrade to Final Cut X. FCP7 uses XML version 5, and it is this version that has become a standard for Adobe Products (Premiere and After Effects) as well as DaVinci Resolve.

Subtitle information is usually encoded into the FCP7 format using either the “text effect” or the “outline text effect” to create text boxes on the timeline that contain the subtitling information. Text attributes such as font, font size, center, alignment, bold/italics/regular, tracking, leading, and outline and encoded within the “text effect” and properties such as placement, opacity and drop shadow are encoded as video attributes.

In FCP7, you can only “copy” and “paste attributes” for video attributes, but not text attributes. If you want to change the font, create an outline and change other text attributes to existing subtitles, you can do this efficiently through the use of the FCP7 xml by either modifying the parameters manually or using an application like Michael Cinquin’s FCP7 format modifier . I hope to have a version of SubSimple that will be able to create FCP7 XML with specific text formatting parameters.



Example of FCP7 xml:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<!DOCTYPE xmeml>
<xmeml version=”5″>
<sequence id=”Sequence 1 “>

<name>Apple ProRes 4444</name>
<appname>Final Cut Pro</appname>
<appmanufacturer>Apple Inc.</appmanufacturer>


<name>Texte avec bordure</name>
<effectid>Outline Text</effectid>
<name>Réglages de texte</name>

<value>Today we’re gonna make one of my favorite&#13;experimental dishes, it is called</value></parameter>



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