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SubSimple Program

SubSimple – server error



Hi! I’m changing hosting service and troubleshooting a server error.




A free program that converts SRT subtitle files to FCPXML 1.5,
perfect for creating subtitles compatible in Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve.

Offers an ideal round-trip workflow to get subtitle lists in and out of Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve:
You can extract subtitle information from a FCPXML 1.5+  timeline and covert it to SRT subtitle format.

Italics and Bold formatting information follows in the conversions.
For conversion to FCPXML, SubSimple can add one blank line
on single-line subtitles to ensure a bottom anchor in FCPX.

Please visit the user guide for more information on the features of SubSimple,
for questions and bug reporting please visit the forum.

After processing, subtitle file will be automatically downloaded to your computer.
Absolutely no subtitle content information is stored on our servers, files are automatically deleted after conversion.