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Category: Subtitling Guidelines

Closed Captioning vs Subtitling

The captions are meant to display the program audio content through text and symbols. Typically, television captions will consist of voice information (writing what is being said) and non-verbal audio cues important to the story like : “strong wind blowing” ¬†or “door slams shut”.

Subtitle Content & Translation

Great subtitle translations use natural language to translate the ideas communicated on-screen, in as few words as possible.

Subtitle On-Screen Positioning

2 subtitle lines maximum, if you can’t fit it in, make a new title!

Subtitle On-Screen Timing

The basic rule is… enough time to read, but not too much to distract!

Subtitle Fonts

In considering the right font for your subtitles, you should prioritize: Legibility, Computer compatibility, Language compatibility and Style.

Subtitles for Cinema – Coming soon