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Offline subsimple tool not working on OSX 10.13.3

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    You can open the program, select the SRT file and destination folder but hitting convert does nothing? Also the program does not let you access external drives?


    SubSimple will only accept SRT files encoded in UTF-8. If it can’t recognise the file, it won’t convert.

    To make sure your SRT file is in UTF-8:
    – open your SRT file in TextEdit on your Mac
    – in file, choose “Duplicate”
    – then choose Save
    – At the bottom, where it says Plain Text Encoding, choose: Unicode (UTF-8)
    – Save new SRT file
    Text Edit UTF-8

    For selecting external drives, it’s possible, but you have to access them in a different way. SubSimple runs a Python script in a Linux interface. This might alter some of the Mac-interface you’re used to.

    You can access external drives by choosing the / and selecting “Volumes”.
    External drives

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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