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A couple bugs such as blank titles when converting SRT to FCPXML

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    I’ve been using the online version of Subsimple with the intention to buy the Mac app soon. Overall it works great but there are a couple of bugs.

    First, I’ve noticed that the first subtitle does not show up on the converted FCPXML. Everything else is there however. I’ve temporarily fixed this by adding a title 0 at the beginning with timecode 00:00:00,000.

    Second, I’ve noticed that there are blank titles one frame long throughout my converted FCPXML. I’ve had to go through my timeline and replace them with gaps. Fortunately my projects have only been a couple minutes long but this could be annoying for longer projects.

    It seems to be ignoring my option to add blank lines to one-line subtitles, unless I’m misunderstanding what that means. Any one-line subtitles still line up with the bottom line of two-line subtitles. My understanding is that it would add a blank line underneath one-line subtitles so they line up properly with two-line ones.

    I have confirmed that I’m using the correct project settings, frame rate, etc. My SRT files are coming from the service I’m fine with sending you a project FCPXML and SRT file if that would help.

    Thank you!!



    For the first title not showing up, try opening your SRT file with TextEdit and save your file. Try to convert the re-saved file with SubSimple. It should fix the missing first title.

    I’ve never seen the one-frame long subtitle problem… I’d have to see your SRT file and know which framerate you’re converting your FCPXML to.

    The “add blank line” function adds a blank line (carriage return) above the single-line subtitle to simulate a bottom-anchored subtitle.


    1. Okay thanks!
    2. Do you have an email that I can send the SRT to? And I my project is 23.976fps.
    3. Ah okay, so it does the opposite of what I thought. My bad.



    I was able to correct it by selecting “1” to the Delete last N frame option.

    Hope this helps you out.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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